Dark Embrace Part 2

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Matthew lifted his head and stared into Frank's terrified eyes. Matthew let out a small smile of satisfaction.

The smile faded and a low growl came from Matthew's throat. Frank started to scream as Matthew yanked Frank's collar down. Out of the corner of Frank's eye he could see two other Brujah men watching them very closely.

There was no escape for Frank.

"Julian, thanks for the wonderful dinner," Caitlyn said on their trip from the restaurant.

Julian smiled playfully at her and took her hands in his.

Caitlyn smiled too but turned away and looked at the window. She licked her lips and looked at Julian. A very worried look came upon her face. She turned to look at Julian and he noticed her expression.

"What's wrong, Caitlyn?" Julian asked.

Caitlyn shook her head and looked back out at the window and stared at the downpour of rain pounding on the window. She put her finger on the window and lightly traced a heart.

Julian kept his comforting hand on hers while they sat in silence.

Finally she turned back to him and started to speak.

"I keep having this dream," she started slowly, "a dream with you and I dancing under the moonlight. There is someone in the shadows but I can't tell who it is. I feel this presence is dangerous, Julian. I feel as if it is going to try to separate us forever."

Caitlyn looked down at her lap and whispered: "It is feeling more and more real every time I have the dream."

Julian heard her words and he shivered. He gently pulled Caitlyn closer to him and they clung to each like two lost souls at sea. They were silent for a moment.

But the silence would not last long.

Julian gasped and clutched his hands to his chest. The sadness and anger and pain raged through his whole body. Something very bad is going on. But Julian could not tell who or where. Caitlyn pulled him back from all the rage into her arms.

"It's okay, Julian," she said in a light shaky voice. "I will not ever let you go."

Julian held her even tighter and hoped that he would never lose her.

Lillie felt Cameron's gentle kiss on her cheek and heard his goodbyes but still felt so numb. What is she going to tell Julian? Lillie turned to see Cash watching Cameron walking with disgust.

"Brujah scum," Cash said lightly under his breath.

Cash turned to Lillie and noticed the uneasy look on Lillie's face.

"Are you okay?" he asked with concern. "Did Cameron do something to you?"

Lillie noticed Cash's last statement will filled with anger and he was trying to protect her. That was sweet but she could take care of herself.

"No, he didn't do anything to me," she said. He nodded his head but still looked concerned for her.

"Cash," Lillie said wearily, "I feel bad blood brewing between the clan even more stronger than before. Do you feel the same way?"

"Yes I do," Cash said quitely.

Lillie noticed the handsome Gangrel Primogen had suddenly gone shy. A small smile formed on her lips as one name came and formed in her mind: Sasha.

"Are you waiting for Sasha?" she asked.

Cash smiled and leaned back against his motorcycle.

Lillie said her goodbyes to Cash and went back inside the Haven to clean up the broken wine glass. As she scraped the last remaining pieces into the trash she noticed one medium sized piece that she forgot to pick up. A familiar figure came into view in the glass. Zane. He smiled and held out a hand to her. But it was only a figment of her imagination.

In the silence of the Haven Lillie suddenly felt never so lonely before as she did now.

She had always been in control of her life but now felt so lost and confused.

Lillie heard a step behind her and a firm hand landed on her shoulder.

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