Vampire the Masquerade Recommendations

These are my personal favourites in Vampire, the Masquerade books. They can all be bought at, just click on the specific book icon, shop and have a great read!

This book is a must for players of the RPG Vampire, the Masquerade. Filled with information on clans, past history, suggested storyline and advice on how to play it is even an interesting read if you don't play at all.

The "Masquerade of the Red Death"-trilogy is my first encounter with reading the 'Vampire the Masquerade'/'World of Darkness'-series. Well written and completely in keeping with the lore and the rules of the game it still manages to create a good story for the not-so-know-it-alls. The hero, Dire McCann, is tough rough and ready to roll, yet totally believable, I mean if you were a detective in a bloodsucking world you would probably, well read and enjoy. Weinberg knows his fang-faces.

This book provide introductory novel-lenght stories to the realms within the World of Darkness. From vampires and werewolves to mages,wraiths and changelings, by authors such as Owl Goungback, Robert Weinberg and David Niall Wilson. Weinberg's contribution is the novel "Vampire Diary: The Embrace" on which the tv-series "Kindred, the Embraced" was based.

White Wolf's first installment in the 'Vampire, the Masquerade'-series of Clan Novels. This book sets off the series that centers around the fact that, well the Kindred have a problem. All the clans in the Camarilla, and some that aren't join in the fight to save their world. Each novel leads the story one step further. They can if necessary be read independantly, but I wouldn't advice it.

Malkavian, Clan Novel No. 9

The television series based on the role-playing game featuring Mark Frankel, C.Thomas Howell, Titus Welliver, Patrick Bauchau, Kelly Rutherford, Brigid Conley Walsh and Stacy Haiduk. Set in San Francisco the story involves five of the Kindred clans as they struggle for dominance and attempt to protect the Masquerade. Great casting and some really good acting. VHS, NTSC format.

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