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by Beth Savage (c) 1996

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A Note:

I don't usually write fiction, but I couldn't resist the temptation. And 

you knew I'd have to mention Stevie Ray...  If you like this one, I've got 

one in mind about Stevie Ray and a certain band of actors... :)



Julian paused as he entered the Conclave room. The Primogen were all present

and the tension level was high.  Cash sat glaring across the table at Cameron,

who looked like the cat who had just eaten the canary. Lillie appeared calm,

but there was a gleam in her eye- one that meant that she was looking forward

to stirring up trouble. Daedalus sat unmoving, alert to all that was

transpiring, but with no expression on his face.  The Ventrue seat was still

empty, they would need to fill it soon. 

Julian looked from Cash to Cameron and back.  "I hope this doesn't have

anything to do with Stevie Ray," he thought. "I still haven't been able to 

figure out exactly what happened there."

Whatever it was would have to wait, there were more pressing matters at hand.

Julian spoke in an authoritative tone, drawing everyone's attention to

himself. "I have asked you here to discuss a serious matter which has just

come to my attention..." His voice trailed off as he looked at the box which

lay in the middle of the Conclave table.  "Are those muffins?", he asked in


"Yeah", Cash answered with distaste. "He brought them."  Cash jerked his head,

indicating Cameron. 

"I thought you would approve, Cash." Cameron gave his counterpart a predatory

smile. "After all, you Gangrel disdain tradition- as well as authority.  I

thought you would appreciate the change." 

Cash glared back at Cameron, "We have our traditions.  But what gives you the

right to bring muffins to a Conclave?" 

"The right?"  Cameron looked surprised, "I was only doing a favor for


"We don't want your favors", Cash interrupted with a snarl. 

Cameron dismissed Cash with a wave of his hand and casually noted, "I believe

Sasha prefers muffins to donuts as well..." 

Cash lept to his feet and slammed his hands down on the table.  He appeared

ready to vault over the table and tear Cameron's throat out.  "Leave her out of

this!  You're just trying to run "Dunkin' Donuts" out of business so your

Brujah-run "Muffins and Stuff" can take over!" 

This caught Cameron by surprise, he hadn't realized that Cash knew about that

little venture.  How had he found out?  Was Sasha passing him information?  And

if he knew about that, he might also know about his deal-in-progress with Taco


Cameron was beginning to get worried, but didn't want to back down in front of

everyone.  Maybe he could get some support from one of the others. He looked

around the room at the other Primogen.  Julian?  No way.  Daedalus was

unreadable, apparently unconcerned with the whole issue.  Perhaps Lillie would

back him up... but no, he couldn't be sure of that.  The last thing he wanted

to do was call in an ally and have her stab him in the back.  For now he was

on his own- and there was no way he was going to let a scruffy Gangrel get the

better of him. 

It was time to switch tactics and go on the offensive. Cameron leaned forward

and pointed a finger at Cash accusingly. "Just because Gangrel like to hang

out in the "Dunkin' Donuts"' parking lot and eat out of dumpsters, doesn't

mean that the rest of us aren't health-conscious." 

"Health-conscious?  Everyone knows that Brujah only care about money and

power," Cash shot back. 

The two glared at each other over the table. 

"Gangrel dog!" 

"Brujah scum!" 

Julian shook his head. It looked like these two were going to come to blows

over baked goods.  "Both of you calm down, right now!  There will be no 

violence here!"

Cameron turned to Julian in exasperation, "All right.  What do *Ventrue* have 

for breakfast?"

Julian held Cameron's gaze and replied calmly, "I don't see where that has any 


"Indulge me", Cameron smiled back.

"Yogurt and fresh fruit..." Julian reluctantly replied.

All the Primogen turned to Julian with looks ranging from disbelief to

disdain.  Julian decided it was time to regain control of the meeting. "All

right.  Let's settle things right now.  Cameron, what is the Brujah position

on this." 

Cameron replied in a serious tone, "We vote for *healthy* muffins." 

Julian nodded and went on to the others.  "Cash?" 

"Donuts", he mumbled, as he dropped into his chair, not looking over at Cameron.


She answered him with an innocent smile, "I prefer croissants myself".  Julian

glared at her, which only made her smile wider. 


Daedalus looked up from his quiet contemplation and replied in a calm tone, 

"Nosferatu don't eat breakfast".  Then he returned his attention to trying to 

surreptitiously remove the errant piece of Count Chocula stuck in his teeth.

Julian sighed. It was going to be a long meeting.


Three hours later....

Lillie put on her most charming smile, "Shall we order out for lunch?"  She 

turned her gaze on Cash and Cameron, "Pizza or Chinese?"  As the two began to 

glare at each other, Lillie sat back in her chair and smiled.

The End