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This is a short story, but it's in the same universe that "Threats" and "Dancing in the Dark" are. I got the idea for this story when I was thinking about what to put in "Dancing..". In all the police shows I've ever seen, they always had at least one show dealing with the "full moon" or "blue moon" effect. Supposedly, during the fore said event, people act even more crazy than they already are, and therefore flood the station with all these weird characters. I thought, well, what if the same thing happened in Kindred: The Embraced? How would everyone react? Here's my take on the full moon effect. This story takes place after "Dancing..".

Kindred: the Embraced and its characters belongs to Mark Rein*Hagen and his horde of Nosfeatu lawyers, who take pleasure in knowing *everything* about *everyone*...and that means they know what you were doing the night of June 3, 1997. Hawk, Aria, Petunia, and assorted characters belong to me, but do feel free to borrow them. Just let me know, or I'll come over with my Gangrels and beat the **** out of you. There's some things man were never meant to know, including violence, mayhem, kissing, and strange pairings and if you don't want to know what stuff, hit the delete button. If you're under 18 or 21, depending on how strict your state is, hit the delete button. Thank you in advance. Now, let the show begin!

Blue Moon Effect

(NC-17, F/J)
By LadySerez

Aria looked up from the phone she was yelling into and stared as Sonny and Frank dragged in yet another perp. This particular perp was 6 and a half foot tall and looked like a escapee from one of those S/M novels--all chains and dog collars. She looked even closer and saw *something*, she didn't want to know.

Kwan hotfooted it out of his office and yelled, "46th Station's full! Send all perps to 53th!" Aria smiled painfully, waved her hand where Kwan could see it. "Kwan, 53th's out. They're all full up with drunk football players from Berkeley." Kwan goggled, and timidly asked, "Is there any other stations that *isn't* full?" "Nah. I think it's time to start handcuffing people to the pipes and to drawers."

Kwan groaned, and walked back into his office to see if there were any other stations that could take perps. Frank finished handcuffing the S/M guy to one of the pipes near the bathroom and walked over to Aria. "Aria, where's Hawk?" "He's at the Haven, breaking up a fight. Or, rather, *trying* to break up a fight. In a few minutes, there's going to be a horde of Gangrels and Brujah invading this station. Wait until Kwan sees them, he'll break a major blood vessel." Sonny walked up, and remarked, "You know, I never believed in that full moon or blue moon effect. I thought it was something writers of bad police shows came up with to spice up a dead script. Well, what do you know?"

Frank grinned, "Sonny, now you know better. I hate full and blue moons--they bring out the weirdos. " Sonny sniggered a little at that. "Not me, Sonny. It's like that movie with Lon Chaney--you know, The Wolfman or something like that. People look normal most of the time, and then the moon gets full. That's when they get spooky. Come on, Sonny. Haven't you ever seen a full moon? You haven't? Well, you're in for a treat." At that moment, a disturbance broke out near the entrance. The S/M guy peaked up, hoping that his master had finally decided to show up. Instead, he witnessed the spectacle of four Gangrels trying to get at four Brujah, with two unlucky cops between them. Hawk yelled, "Aria, get the hell over here! We've got more in the vans outside. Is there any place we can put them where they can't--ugh, punch--get to each other? Kwan, Kwan! Kohanek and Toussaint, time to earn your salary!"

Kwan, Aria, Frank, and Sonny ran over, with several other cops. A few bites, kicks, punches and sideswipes later, they finally managed to chain the Gangrels and Brujahs to the waterpipes in the locker rooms. The Gangrels were in the men's locker rooms, the Brujah in the women's.

When Hawk and his troops had finished getting the tetanus shots and coffee, Aria finally asked Hawk why he had taken so long in coming back from the Haven. "Hawk, I know you. You just punch the ringleaders out and haul them back here. What happened? What was different this time?" Hawk looked up from the coffee he was nursing. "Sonny, you made this didn't you? Frank, do me a favor and keep him away from the coffeemaker. What was different? Blue moon, what else?"

He shifted in his chair. "When we got there, the gangs were ripping up the Haven--and the waiters were helping them. You know that woman who wears her dress slit up to *here*? Well, she was just standing there. Doing nothing, just watching everyone rip up her place. When we finally dragged them all out, there were patches missing on the floor. The windows were all broken out, and there were spaghetti on the bar." "Spaghetti?" "Don't ask, I don't know. I asked the ringleader, a kid named Cash, what happened. He didn't know, just said that he felt like it. Well, feeling like it is going to get him a nice fat fine." Sonny sighed and wondered aloud what was going to happen next. Frank and the others at the same time, "Don't ever wish that. You don't want to know!"

At that exact moment, a beat cop brought in a old, bedraggled woman. "Hey guys? Anyone want her?" Frank recognized Petunia, got up and walked over to her. "I'll take her." Kwan yelled, "And put her where?!? Next to the S/M guy?!? Hey...there's room. Put her there." With that, Kwan stomped back into his office to hide from the hordes. Frank stared after Kwan, then turned back to the beat cop. "What's she do?" "We found her in a tree over on one of those hills. She was, uh, naked and tossing toilet paper all over the place. It looked like a lunatic convention, y'know? Y'lucky, they hauled everyone else off to that place, Whispering Pines. 'Course, wouldn't put much store in them keeping the crazies for long. After all, they lost the 'Stalker, dinna they?"

Frank was nodding to show he understood, but then he caught on to a thread. "Everyone else were taken off to the Pines, but not her? Why?" Petunia piped up, "Because I was making mud pipes. I offered some to that puffed up asshole from 45th, and he didn't appreciate it. Why should I be put in jail just because he didn't appreciate the subtle texture of Marina Mud Pies?" Frank looked narrowly at Petunia. He could translate that--Petunia had smeared mud all over the smug asshole from 45th, then done a rain dance.

"Petunia, Petunia, we'll sign you in later. Right now, why don't you sit right here next to this gentlemen in the dog collar?" Petunia perked at the sight of the S/M guy, and then started chattering the man up.

Hawk was laughing when Frank came back to the crowd. "Frank, the judge is going to drop charges just because Petunia did what everyone's been wanting to do ever since that S.O.B was born. At least she's got a place to did that kid get off the waterpipe.." Hawk came upright in his chair, Aria turned to look at where Hawk was pointing. Frank looked down and saw a stream of water making its way leisurely down the floor.

Cash threw up his arms and yelled, "Gangrels, get them!" Hawk snorted, "More like, Get a Plumber!" then threw himself into the fray. The Brujah heard Cash yell, and started to pull at their handcuffs, causing more water to spill out. The fight grew larger and wetter, causing Kwan to poke his head out the office door. What he saw caused him to yank his head back inside and call all cops in, and then a plumber that was still open, in that order. Petunia chortled with delight at all the water spilling out, then she started splashing people. The S/M guy joined in, getting everyone more wet than they already were.

The fight was the first thing Julian Luna, Sasha, Lorraina and Cameron saw when they walked into the station. Julian blinked when Hawk launched himself at the desk--with Cash trailing behind. "Hey, Mr. Luna. If you're here to *punch, groan, cough* fill out a report, can it wait until tomorrow? Wait a minute." Hawk shoved Cash onto the floor, and kept a foot in his belly. "Now, what were you here for?" Cameron stated, "I'm here to pick up my people..." "Brujah, right? *nod of Cameron's head.* Well, forget it. They've not gone up to the judge yet, so you can't, ugh, bail them out until, damnit Cash, let me finish, the judge set bail. Go home and come back tomorrow." Julian started forward at the sight of Frank wrestling with one of the Gangrels. Sasha pulled herself over the desk to look down at Cash, but then Lorraina pulled her back and slapped her. That started Sasha off, and they started fighting in earnest. "Goddamn! Sonny, get off that Brujah and get these two in for disturbing the peace!" yelled Hawk. Cameron heard that, then started to try to drag Sasha off Lorraina. Cash, thinking that his ladylove was being harassed by Cameron, lunged across the desk and grabbed Cameron's hair. Cameron grabbed Cash and pulled him all the way across the desk, with Hawk hanging on Cash's legs. The fight got even more wetter and nasty.

Finally, peace was restored. Hawk was trying to piece together what was left of his soggy black leather vest, Aria was looking for her coat to cover the fact that she had no bra, having been grabbed off her by Lorraina. Sonny was under the table trying to sew the rip in his pants together, and Frank was standing in the middle of the room, with no shirt on. Kwan was in the lockeroom with the plumber trying to turn the water off. Julian had gone long ago, with a promise to come back and bail everyone out. Cameron, Cash and Sasha and their respective troupes was sitting in the 53th's jail, the drunk football players having been bailed out long ago.

Kwan walked out of the locker room and told everyone on afternoon and graveyard shifts to go home and come back later. "The station may be closed for a few days while repairs continue. I'll let you all know when you can come back. Sonny, get out from under that desk. You can hide that until you get home. Aria, here's my coat. Bring it back when you can, OK? Hawk, buy another vest. That one should be buried with honors. Frank.. what can I say? You look like Tarzan on a bad day. Here, I got a dry shirt from O'Neill. Give it back to him when you can, OK?" Everyone dissipated quickly, in case Kwan changed his mind.

Frank opened the door to his apartment, and picked at his too-big shirt again. His head snapped up as he heard something in the bedroom. He slowly moved forward, his gun at the ready. Julian emerged from the bedroom, his eyebrows arched as he looked at the gun. "Frank, it's just me. Put that gun up." "Sorry. It's been a.. wild night." "I know, I saw what Lorraina did to Sonny's pants. I hate to say this, but it was one of the funnier things I've ever seen in my life. Frank. Take a shower, and then come to bed."

Frank laughed, "Sure you don't want to come too? Remember the LaMoche motel?" "LaMoche? I thought the place was a roach trap. Besides, I'm tired. I really don't want to deal with Cameron, Cash and Sasha until tonight. Finish your shower, then come to bed." Frank finished his shower, then padded to the bed, lift the covers then snuggled against Julian. Julian kissed Frank, threw his arm over Frank's shoulder and went to sleep. Frank smiled and planted his hand on Julian's hip. Julian opened one eye and murmured, "Frank--don't. Do you want me to do to you what I did last week? Remember all the interesting questions when you came in walking carefully?" Frank reddened but kept his hand where it was. Julian smiled, "Frank, Frank. You asked for it, didn't you? Come here, come here." And then he kissed Frank. Frank groaned and tossed his head back so Julian could kiss his chest. Julian looked at Frank's dancing eyes, and knew that Frank had placed his hand where it was on purpose. He laughed, and pulled off Frank's boxers. "From now on, I don't want to see you wear boxers," Julian said sternly. Frank gurgled, "Yes, oh Master." Julian silenced him with a hard kiss. The End