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Irish-descended Brigid Conley Walsh (aka Brigid Brannagh) is one of the finest, but largely unknown young actresses of today. Born on the 3rd of August 1972 in San Francisco, she grew up in an old Victorian house which she shared with her eight brothers and sisters. From the age of 14 she started flying back and forth between Los Angeles and San Francisco to work in television series and movies.

Brigid's career includes every genre from drama to humour and sci-fi to period. She has the ability to make the audience believe in her characters and forget the actress behind them.

Her portrayal of the suicidal rape-victim, Jamie Hendricks, in "ER" episode 9 1/2 Hours is filled with a desperate denial that makes Walsh seem like a time bomb ready to explode. She brings the same intensity, though subtler, to the part of Ida Glenshaw in Louisa May Alcott's "The Inheritance". Walsh plays the arrogant, husband-hunting cousin with an edge of desperation that never drops over the edge and becomes all the more poignant for it. The audience can understand the feelings that drive the young woman when she is faced with one rejection after the other in a society where she is already on the shelf, so to speak. The character of the art student, Paula, in "Ally McBeal" episode Once in a Lifetime is a complete opposite to Ida, for although she spends most of her time lying to the maincharacters, we get the feeling that underneath she can be far more honest and straightforward about her wants in life than most people. Those two trades are even more obvious in the person of Sasha Luna, the mortal descendant of a vampire prince who herself becomes a vampire, in "Kindred, the Embraced". Here we are presented with a picture of a young girl so desperate to be loved that she has to hide it beneath a rebellious facade. Walsh plays the troubled teenager with just the right mix of temperamental displays and youthful insecurity. It is believable that a teenager in such an imaginary situation might very well act and feel that same way. Another troubled young woman is the recurring role of Emmeline on "Brooklyn South". Here Walsh plays the daughter of a crook, who falls in love with the undercover cop sent to investigate her father. Though this character is much softer than the tempestuous Sasha we are once again presented with Walsh's ability to portray a young woman struggling to cope with the terms life has dealt her. Trying a different tune in an episode of "Charmed" Walsh plays an arrogant Wicca gone bad. Returning to the human world after being trapped in a mountain for several centuries Tuatha is understandably upset and goes looking for her wand sparing no means in getting it back. The tug-of-war end scene between Tuatha and a little boy, who is destined to be her slayer is brilliant. From medieval witch to modern day woman Walsh makes a leap when she portrays the talented, young computergeek Claire in "Hyperion Bay" bringing out all the mixed qualities that make up the women that are making a name for themselves in business today. Recent appearances have been on shows like "Angel" and "West Wing".

Today Brigid Walsh resides in Los Angeles and when not working likes to exercise, write and read books. She also contributes time and energy to the Special Olympics, APLA, Children's International and several other charities.

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Last modified : 9 December 2000