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The Following movies starring Brigid are available as VHS or DVD on

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Kindred, the Embraced

In the shadows of modern-day San Francisco lives an ancient society. Young Sasha Luna has come to live with her 'uncle' and unwittingly she becomes embroiled in old feuds between rival Clans as a war begins to unravel amongst the undead...

This is an eight episode mini-series, which comes as a boxed-set of three volumes in NTSC format. Or as a double dvd in region 1 format. The video was released in 1996 and the dvd in 2000. There are some changes with regards to scenes amongst the two, but no extras.


The Day My Parents Ran Away

Teen-movie released by New Line Cinema in 1993. The format is VHS-NTSC. As yet not available on DVD.


The Man in the Iron Mask

Historical drama (not to be confused with the Leonardo di Caprio or Michael York versions). Released in 1998 in VHS-NTSC format.

Quest of the Delta Knights
Brigid stars as the Princess Thena, who joins her Prince and his handful of warriors in rescuing their country from the hands of en evil and cruel king.
The trailer can be viewed at Just look under the movie's title.
Sword and sorcery movie released in 1993 in VHS-NTSC format. Occassionally goes out of stock! So try while you're at it. often has one of Brigid's movies on auction, as well as assorted publicity photos.

A Wrinkle In Time has some publicity photos from the television series "Kindred, the Embraced" a few of which feature Brigid.

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Last modified : 18 January 2001