Brigid Walsh Disclaimer Information

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This site is meant as an attempt to promote the work of actress Brigid Conley Walsh aka. Brigid Brannagh. I am not trying to infringe on her rights to her work or the rights of the various production companies nor am I trying to benefit economically by the abuse of these materials. On the sites concerned with Brigid I have used various pictures from her work none of which I claim the ownership of. In a few cases the images may have been slightly altered through the use of Photoshop. That is entirely my doing and not the responsibility of the owners. It is not meant as infringement or disrespect in any way. Please notify me of any mistakes in this information, thank you!

Pictures have been used from the following pieces of work;

"The Fair" is the property of Journey Pictures.

"The Inheritance" is the property of CBS.

The television series "True colors" (1990-92) is the property of ????.

"American Gothic" (1995-96) is the property of Renaissance Pictures/CBS Television.

"Quest of the Delta Knights" is the property of Homesdale Inc.

"The Day My Parents Ran Away" is the property of Chanticleer Films/New Line Cinema.

"Kindred, the Embraced" is the property of John Leekley Productions/Spelling Entertainment Group/FOX Inc. and Revolution Films.

"Angel" (1999) is the property of 20th Century Fox Television/Kuzui Enterprises/Mutant Enemy/ Sandollar Television/The WB Television Network.

"Charmed" (1998) is the property of Spelling Entertainment Group.

"Dharma & Greg" is the property of ???.

"Sliders" is the property of ???.


Last modified : 18/01/2001