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Channon Roe has appeared in over 25 feature films and television shows. Trained at Joanne Baron DW Brown Studio and the British Academy of Dramatic Arts at Stanford, Channon Roe began his acting career in such independent films as "The Low Life," and "Junked" but finally gained the attention he deserves with his part in "Boogie Nights." His television credits include the mini-series "Invaders," "My So-Called Life" and MTV's short film series "Stable for Transfer." Other film credits are "Soldier Boyz," Republic Pictures' "The Courtyard," "Block Party," and "Biodome." When not acting, he enjoys surfing, music, road trips with friends and traveling with family. Roe was born October 27 1972 in Pasadena and raised in Corona del Mar, California. He is single and resides in Los Angeles.

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Last Modified : 2 November 2000