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Alphabetic List by Author Surname
Beamer, JulieAfter the Rain
The immediate hours and days after the death of Archon Raine bring on a wealth of revelation and surprises. Not only for the Kindred, but also for Frank Kohanek.
Perchance to Dream
Kindred crimes are being committed in San Francisco. All tracks lead to the Brujah, but Cameron refuses to accept the blame. As the shadows draw closer Julian's only hope of unveiling these dangers and restoring peace to his Domain may be...Caitlin.
Out of the Darkness
In 1985 Julian went to Manzanita as Archon Raine's Enforcer and killed a whole clan of Brujah. That night was to become the first step of his last journey towards the position as Prince of San Francisco and of peace.
Julian Luna, Enforcer of the powerful Prince of San Francisco, meets the beautiful Alexandra Serris. The beginning of their relationship is as rocky as its end.
Lines of Communication
Full Disclosure
Through Faded Memory
Shadows of the Night
Bliss, KimberlyDance With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight
Dark Embrace 1-4
Midnight Seduction
Clark, KaylaThe Accident
Short story.
The death of Julian Luna, Prince of San Francisco. (This story was written in reaction to the death of Mark Frankel.)
Archon Raine is dead and Cameron, Julian's most hated enemy, is Primogen of the Brujah. The aftermath still affects Kindred society, yet when danger threatens it comes from a most unexpected quarter. Cash and his Gangrel will be forced to use all their wits if they are to protect the Prince.
Dargin, ShariFamily First
Dawidson, IrenaA Fatal Case
(1112 K) loads slowly!!
Falling in love with the beautiful Caitlin Burne opens up a Pandora's box of moral dilemmas and outright danger for Julian. The Prince must fight a war between humanity and the Beast, his duty and his heart.
Demorae, JacyntheGangrel Dreams
What if's are haunting Cash after the loss of his beloved Sasha.
Prince of the Blood
Heartbroken and reeling with emotions Cash finds comfort where he least expects it.
Steel Rose
The effects of her Brujah blood are making themselves felt for Sasha. Yet it is also a time for discoveries.
Denton, AmyNever A Dull Moment
Truth Be Told
Duncan, TashaOpposites
Two worlds collide when Immortals with a grudge bring their battles to San Francisco. Their struggles spill into both the Kindred and human world as Frank Kohanek comes across something he shouldn't have seen. And as Lillie gets reacquainted with an old lover trouble is brewing when the two worlds get a little too close.
Fournier, Lyndy A.Don't Speak
Francis, Sean D.Setting Sun
The fall-out of Eddie Fiori's death is creating opportunities for some and dangers for others.
Freed, BevThreads and Promises
Prince Julian has been murdered, Brujah rule San Francisco and the whole world both Kindred and human is falling apart. Together Lillie, Frank, Cash and Sasha are made to run for their lives in an attempt to find a safe haven. But who is friend and who is enemy?
Thicker than Water
(Sequel to Threads and Promises)
Having escaped an assassination attempt Sasha and Cash continue their search for a place where they'll both be safe. Their journey will bring them the answer to Julian's death and it will test their relationship to the limit. Is blood thicker than water?
A Matter of Honor
(Third installment of Threads and Promises)
In San Francisco the remaining Kindred are trying to recover. New Primogens are needed and so is a new Prince. As Cameron attempts to manipulate events to his benefit questions are being asked amongst humans and Kindred alike. Step by step the puzzle is unravelling and the answers will change everything.
Gillham, JillMemories
A serial killer is loose in San Francisco. Desperate for leads the police calls in a psychic to help. But what will happen when this sensitive girl encounters the shadow side of life as Frank and Sonny guide her through the crime scenes...
Hagiwara, JennyBloodlust
Cash has been granted permission to Embrace a young boy. Something that Sasha is not at all pleased with. When further complications arise Cash is caught up in turmoil of events as a new danger faces the San Francisco Kindred.
Julian's love for his human family is tested to the limits as he is confronted with a danger born of his own blood. This time the choice is unavoidable. Family or Kindred? Humanity or Beast? And will he have a choice at all or was it made for him when he welcomed the Embrace ?
An Afterword
(Sequel to 'Blood Relative')
As his attention focuses on his family Julian is forced to admit that his relationship with Caitlin has become too dangerous for them both. As Prince of the Kindred he has no choice but to manipulate the woman he loves. But will they survive?
No Regrets
(Epilogue to 'An Afterword')
Caitlin's life after Julian.
Cat Encounter
Julian stumbles across a young Garou. Will old enemities between the two species prevail?
Midnight Encounter
In the depths of the San Francisco sewers a young woman finds help from a monster in the dark.
JadeTouch of the Wild
Julian's Hard Days Night
Time and Again
KamalaBloodlines: The Dark Secret
Old emotions surface as the past merge with the future. Julian's broodsister returns to San Francisco to take the place of her sire. In the process she also introduce herself to an old lover...Cameron!
LadySerezBlue Moon Effect
The astrological phenomenon known as a blue moon is having a rather strong effect on Kindred and Human alike. And then the police gets involved...
Dancing in the Dark
Murders from the past catch up with the Kindred, but the police seem more interested in cathcing...Sasha?
Family Reunion
Frank Kohanek gets an unpleasent surprise in the form of a family visit.
Fox in the Henhouse
Frank Kohanek left the misery of his early childhood behind a long time ago. But things have a habit of catching up with you when you least expect it. So when the past threatens San Francisco's Kindred Frank get's to call it 'Daddy'...
Lloyd, RebeccaStranger in Town
Brujah and Gangrel alike are surprised and displeased when a new Gangrel addition to town chooses Sasha as her new friend. When werewolf attacks befall the Kindred population dislikes have to be put aside. But in the dark other secrets are threatening the San Francisco Kindred. When the sun rises who will have won and who will have died?
MoragThe Forgotten Rose
In the sewers of San Francisco Daedalus encounters a broken soul with a heart as pure as his own. Will the Nosferatu Primogen finally find love with someone who sees his true face?
Myers, LindaPromises to Keep
An anonymous email brings someone very old to San Francisco searching for answers. But things and people are not always what they seem. Who are friends and who are enemies? And which of the two can be trusted?
Qureshi, AnnaThe Marriage Vow
When Evelyn met Julian one of them had no doubts about what the future would bring nor any hesitation about making it happen...
Lazy Days
A day in the life of a youthful, mortal Julian Luna.
Flame Rose 1
Sasha Luna falls in lust with her uncle's bodyguard at first sight. But the budding relationship is clouded with shadows. And in the shadows lurks dangers that will reach out and threaten her life, her soul and her heart.
Flame Rose 2
Ruth, RichardLegacy of Damnation
Xover Kindred the Embraced/Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Poltergeist, the Legacy/Highlander/X-files
Dancing on the Head of a Pin
Xover Kindred the Embraced/Buffy, the Vampire Slayer/Poltergeist, the Legacy/Highlander/X-files
Savage, BethDissension
Tension unfolds at a Conclave meeting when Clan rivalry between Brujah and Gangrel are brought out into the open.
Schweighauser, KellyAlexandra
Character story for Alexandra Serris
Feeding Time
Character story for Sasha Luna
The Driving Lesson
Character story for Stevie Ray (and Lillie Langtry)
The aftermath of the clan war which stopped after Manzanita.
Innocent Blood
What is the price of innocence? On a single summer night in 1919, Alexandra, Julian and Archon find out.
Sins of the Fathers
When one of Julian's nephews offers to work for Julian's underworld empire, the Prince is caught in a web of lies that stretches back to 1930. Will the mistakes that he made then destroy him now? While Julian struggles with this family dilemma, Sasha cares for a mortal infant that she found abandoned in the street, which dismays both Cameron and Cash.
Sixth Tradition
The Sixth Tradition states that no Kindred may kill another. When Cash is accused of breaking this law, not once, but twice, Julian is forced to call a Blood Hunt against the young Gangrel Primogen. Will Cash be destroyed before the Clans realize that it is all just a plot by Cyrus of L.A. to destroy the Conclave in San Francisco?
A young mortal named Stephan Giovanni arrives in San Francisco claiming to be Julian's descendant. He is accompanied by a Follower of Set, and followed by his Grandmother, a Kindred of the fearsome Giovanni clan. While Julian is distracted, Lillie works her wiles on the innocent Caitlin. Will Lillie's machinations lead Caitlin to her death at the hands of a cult of devil worshipers?
The Hunt
Julian discovers that Sasha has never learned how to drink human blood. While he and Cash attempt to instruct her on how Kindred Hunt their mortal prey, Lillie succeeds in seducing Frank Kohanek. But all their plans are complicated when a luckless Toreador is photographed in the act by one of his love-struck victims.
Kindred Spirits
Cameron encounters some difficulties in controlling the San Francisco Underworld. Several mortals, still loyal to the deceased Eddie Fiori, resent his meteoric rise and decide to form a syndicate of their own, free of Cameron and Julian Luna. Meanwhile Daedalus has met a young man who he wishes to Embrace into the Nosferatu. But Eric Sheridan is unwilling to abandon his ties with the mortal world to become Kindred.
Smith, RachelBoys Will Be Boys
(Xover) Cash gets some competition for Sasha's attention as a young Immortal takes an interest in the beautiful Brujah girl.
StormsingerThin Ice
What happened after Sasha's Embrace?
Vandermeer, JaneAnd So It Goes
Eddie Fiori's will accidently ends up on the wrong desk. Frank Kohanek's! Will the human cop take on the violence of the Brujah Clan? And if he does can Julian protect him?
Big Night Out
Problem Childe
The return from New York of Julian's much loved broodbrother, Anton, brings joy to the Luna Compound. But with him he brings his Toreador lover and a danger that could threaten them all.
Wilkerson, Mary N.Dark Angel
Archon's death exposes San Francisco's Kindred society to investigations from their own kind. When his sister comes to town compromises have to be made. But when several of the major players turn out to have double agendas politics becomes the name of the game.
Smile to think of me
Part continuation of Dark Angel
Abel, the young boy Daedalus saved at the Children's Hospital, has recovered. Slowly getting used to his new foster family he is thrown off course when his past catches up with him. Who will save Abel this time?
In the night we trust
Xover KtE/Poltergeist the Legacy
Part continuation of Dark Angel
In the shadows of San Francisco a young woman is almost Embraced, an event which due to her connections set off an investigation that could lead to the very top of Kindred Society. Past and present will mix into a serious threat as Legacy members get dangerously close to discovering the Masquerade.
Zeitler, JanetteJealousy
Both Lillie and Julian are having trouble with the current standing of their relationship. Emotions run high as each seek the attention of others and find something neither is happy with.

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