Free 'Kindred, the Embraced' Stuff

Hi Everyone. Most of the links below are no longer in working order and will be removed shortly. I'm in the process of looking through the web to see where I might find other sources for your viewing pleasure. If you have any suggestions, please email me at (This message added 3/6/2003).


Gateway to Kindred A large selection of e-cards featuring the kindred actor of your choice. There are several features that can be personalised for each card, like stamps and so forth.

Wallpaper has a lovely 'Kindred, the Embraced' Wallpaper in the download section.

Cool Customizations This site has several wallpapers each featuring an individual actor from Kindred, the Embraced. At the moment it is Julian, Sasha and Daedalus, but the owner invites suggestions for other subjects.

The background images used on my pages are made by me. If there's anything you like feel free to use it. I only ask that if you use it on a site which can be publicly accessed please leave a link back to my page.


Cool Customizations A Kindred, the Embraced screen saver can be found at the same site as the individual wallpapers.


Try the download section of to hear a collection of audio downloads from the series.