Music from 'Kindred the Embraced'

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Artist Title Episode
Background Music
J. Peter Robinson Kindred Theme (Introduction)
Leonard Cohen Waiting for a Miracle Prince of the City
Enya Caribbean Blue Romeo & Juliet
Alannah Myles Sally go round the roses
Clannad Ri Na Cruinne
The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori
Lisa Tingle Like a Rocket
Pipe Dream
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Puccini (I think) Madame Butterfly (I think) Cabin in the Woods
"Live-performances" at the Haven
'Elaine Robb'
House of the Rising Sun Nightstalker
Charlie Sexton Sextet
'Zane' (Ivan Sergei)
Everyone will crawl Live Hard, Die Young, Make A Beautiful Corpse

Kindred Music available to buy
Charlie Sexton Sextet Under the Wishing Tree
Temporarily out of stock.
Clannad An Am or Themes
Enya Shepherd Moon
Alannah Myles Alannah
Leonard Cohen The Future