Main Theme by J. Peter Robinson. Mr. Robinson has also produced the snippets of music used as 'mood' and/or 'magic' emphasis. Some of these soundbytes were re-used in the third season of 'Charmed'.

Episode 1- 'Original Saga'

Episode 2- 'Prince of the City'

Waiting for a miracle - performed by Leonard Cohen. From his cd 'The Future'.

Episode 3- 'Nightstalker'

House of the Rising Sun - performed by 'Elaine Robb' (actress Kimberley Kates). Other versions include performances by 'The Animals' and Nina Simone.

Episode 4- 'Romeo & Juliet'

Caribbean Blue - performed by Enya. From her cd 'Shepherd Moon'.

Episode 5- 'Live Hard, Die Young, And Leave A Good Looking Corpse'

Everyone will crawl - performed by 'Zane' (actor Ivan Sergei). Originally by 'The Charlie Sexton Sextet', possibly the supposed performance is playback. A theory not supported by 'Zane's' second performance of a song, which I have been unable to identify as the product of either 'The Charlie Sexton Sextet' or Charlie Sexton as a solo artist. From the 'Charlie Sexton Sextet' cd 'Under the Wishing Tree'.

Episode 6- 'The Rise and Fall of Eddie Fiori'

Ri Na Cruinne - performed by Clannad. From their cd 'Themes' or 'An Am'.

Episode 7- 'Bad Moon Rising'

Episode 8- 'Cabin in the Woods'

Various bits of music that I have yet to place, sorry!
Sally go round the roses - performed by Alannah Myles. From her cd 'Alannah'.
Like a rocket - performed by Lisa Tingle. From her cd 'Black Pearl'. Pipe Dream - performed by Lisa Tingle. From her cd 'In the Water'. Lisa Tingle's cds are available from her website