As you may notice I have removed most of the links from here as they were either broken or the owners had moved on to other interests. I will try to find new links to replace the old ones. Please let me know if you own, or know of, a KtE site that should appear on this page. (This message added 3/6/2003).

Kindred, the Embraced

The Official Kindred, the Embraced Page
Owned by Revolution Films the distributor of the series in video form this site presents information on the Clans, the actors and the three individual volumes of the show. It also has a list of local Revolution vendors in the US. (3/6/2003) This site has been removed by the owner, and there is no longer an official site for this show.
Bev Freed's Page
A great fansite which provides links to information forums, other fansites, actor bios, music information etc. (3/6/2003) This site remains the most comprehensive site on KtE to date.
Relive the Experience Contains information on series concept, image library, fan art, kindred mythology and much more. Special feature is a trivia quiz.