Kindred, the Embraced Merchandise

The '98 Kindred Wall Calendar is no longer available through stores. I suggest e-auction houses if you really want it. eBay seems to have had an awful lot of Kindred, the Embraced merchandise, though I have to admit the calendar hasn't been one of them. Of course Amazon also has an auction section and their Zshops. You might get lucky.
The entire series. Three volumes, eight episodes including one unaired, NTSC format. Starring Mark Frankel, Stacy Haiduk, Brigid Walsh, Channon Roe, Patrick Bauchau and Brian Thompson.
Region 1. The dvd version is slightly different from the video. There is extra footage, but there are also some scenes from the video which have been left out here. There are no extras just the series itself.
These pictures were found via eBay. Always be sure to check that it is a original photo and not a paper copy.
These photos can be bought at A Wrinkle In Time. Prices (when I last went there) were at $3.50 for black/white and $5.00 for colour (+postage). You'll find all their photos at their site, but the scans are quite bad. The pictures I have bought there have always been in perfect condition.
The cd's below are available through Just click the image of the cd you want.
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