Midnight Seduction

By Kimberly Bliss

Part Five

Tbe words echoed through his mind.

"I love you, Daddy!"

Cameron looked up in surprise as Sara Beth wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him. He looked above her head to Kamala. A tear was gathering in the corner of her right eye. She nodded her head and moved to pat her daughter's back.

"This is your daughter, Cameron. Our daughter." Sara Beth looked up into Cameron's eyes and frowned. "Daddy I can't hear your heart beating!"

A look of panic crossed over Cameron's face and looked up to see what the two women would say. But they didn't even hear the little girl's statement. Cameron kissed Sara Beth's forehead and she seemed to forget what she said before. Verna pushed past the trio and helped Sonny with Frank and George.

"We need to talk, Kamala. Tommorrow. Please let me take you to dinner." Kamala nodded her head.

"Verna can watch Sara Beth for a while."

The little girl looked up and pouted. "But I want to go too!"

Cameron looked down and tugged gently at her braid. "I tell you what. We can get together and do something fun. Just the three of us. How does that sound?"

Sara Beth giggled and pulled herself to the floor and held Cameron's hand.

George stepped into the doorway and leaned on Frank.

Cameron looked back at the men. "I've got to help my *friends* but I will be here tomorrow night around eight."

Cameron put Frank's arm over his shoulder and started down the hallway. He paused and looked back at Kamala and Sara Beth.

"My angels. My sweet angels. If only they knew the truth. They would hate me."

The Next Morning:

Evelyn stepped through the office toward the sleeping form of her long time friend.

She tapped on the desk gently. "Caitlyn....Caitlyn! Wake up before we get in trouble. We have a deadline today."

Caitlyn groaned and pushed her hair back to look at her old friend. Evelyn gasped as she saw the dark circles under Caitlyn's eyes.

"What happened to you?"

Caitlyn waved a hand in the air. "Nightmares. They were so real, Eve. I felt the hand moving over my body. I felt the teeth tearing....."

Caitlyn paused and touched her neck. She shuddered as she remembered the pain she experienced.

"Tearing what?"

"Nothing." Caitlyn muttered.

"I hope you feel better soon. You will need to this coming weekend,won't you?"

Cailtyn looked up at her in confusion and then realization. "Oh! I forgot about my parents coming up this weekend. They want to meet Julian. When I look into their eyes I can see that they are already planning the wedding!"

The two woman broke into laughter.

"I already feel better, Eve. In fact, I feel stupid. The crash that I heard last night was from my cat. The wind picked up and he must of been frightened and ran into the table and knocked the lamp to the floor. That was what I heard and nothing more."

Eve placed her hand on Caitlyn's arm and saw the time on her watch. "Better get back to work."

But Caitlyn did not hear hear her words. As her friend walked off to her assignment she shook her head back and forth.

"That was what I heard and nothing more...."

"That was what I heard and nothing more...."

She whispered the words a few more times and bit her lower lip to fight the tears. She was trying to convince herself that it was what happened last night.

But she was lying to herself.

She remembered looking out of the broken glass door and seeing the wolf standing in the yard staring back at her with a hungry look on its face. She suddenly remembered the meeting with the stranger who called himself Cameron tonight. She had to go and find out the truth. The nightmare was far from over.

Cameron let out a low whistle as Kamala closed the door behind her and faced him. She was wearing a short black dress with straps. The kind he liked. Kamala blushed and took his hands as they walked to the restaurant together. As they sat in the booth and waited for their meal Kamala began to speak about Sara Beth.

"I realized I was pregnant with her a week after you died. Do you know when it happened? Do you know when we made her?"

Cameron noticed the devilish look in eyes and leaned forward. He loved it when she was this way.

"Remember the huge elevator from the office I used to work at? We were leaving to go to a concert and we going from the top floor and one thing led to another and I remember how you kissed me and slipped the shirt over my head. I remember the way you made me feel when you ran your fingers through my hair and pulled your body to mine. You haven't changed at all, Cameron."

But Cameron noticed her body tensing. "It seems as if you never aged a day since I last saw you. But your hands seem colder and your eyes look different. They look harder and darker. The light has gone out of them."

The food came and Kamala noticed that he was not eating. She could see the hurt in his eyes. He stared across the table at her.

"But I love you, Cameron. Always have and will. I was faithful to you all this time. No one could ever take your place. I want us to be a family and to forget the past."

Cameron realized she said this with all the love in her heart but there was something in those words that disturbed him.

"I love you too, Kamala. Ever since the first day of my junior year of high school. When I saw you by your locker I knew you already had my heart. You could've gone out with any guy in the school but you chose me. Remember our prom date, huh?"

Cameron winked at her as he mentioned the prom. "We had so much fun and got into so much trouble but it was worth it, Kamala. Even as our parents opened the the backseat of your car and saw us making out. You were worth the pain my father inflicted upon me and my mother's harsh words. I would tolerate that a million times just to see your face."

She noticed she was the only one eating as Cameron stared at her from across the table.

"Do I have some sauce on my chin? I must be eating like a pig." She laughed and dabbed her chin with a napkin.

He didn't reply.

"Aren't you hungry?"

Cameron leaned across the table and she noticed that his eyes were different.

There was tints of yellow in them. A shiver ran through Kamala's body but her desire betrayed her as he spoke to her again.

"I am only hungry for you."

Kamala looked down at her food and pushed the plate away. She wasn't really that hungry anymore either.

Cameron took her hand and led her to the front of the restaurant.

"Let's pay and go where we can be alone."

As they walked out Cameron forgot about his meeting with Cailtyn.

He took her back to his private room where he knew that they would not be interrupted. The door was barely shut when Cameron drew her into his arms and kissed her lips. He carried her to the bed and set her down. He noticed a glass of wine laying by the side of the bed and took a sip. Then he pretended to spill some of the wine on her shoulders.


Kamala laughed as he leaned over and licked her wet shoulders. His lips trailed up to her neck and he heard her moan. He slipped the straps off her shoulders and let it fall off her body. She stood up and pulled the tie from around his neck and threw it to the floor. They undressed and pulled the sheets around the bodies and gave in to their desires.

The Haven was crowded with dancers tonight as Julian, Lillie, Cash, Frank, and Lillie's Childe Ashley stood by the bar. They watched with interest as Cameron and Kamala walked into the club past the table where some of the Brujah Clan sat including Sasha and Peter.

"Well,well! It looks like the high school sweethearts have arrived. Now isn't that sweet!"

Everyone but Sasha laughed at Peter's sarcastic words. No matter how much she detested Cameron she understood what he was going through. Love can change a person. She looked over at Cash but he was moving away from the bar and talking with Lorraina. With a frown set on her face she turned back to the action. Cameron and Kamala were oblivious to the dancers around them as they went to the center of the floor. Cameron held out his hand and brought Kamala close to his body as they slowy danced. Cameron ran his fingers up and down Kamala's back and played with her straps. Cameron looked over her shouler and saw some of his Clan watching him.

"Well, it looks as if our leader and my longtime *friend* is going soft on us. We can't have that, can we?"

Sasha looked over at Peter and knew what he was going to say next.

"I like Cameron. Please don't think otherwise. But I think we made the wrong choice after Eddie. He will have to choose. His woman or his Clan. I think he will make the right choice. Or I will make it for him. I think I will be a good choice for Primogen."

Sasha was startled by his bold and direct words and turned to see Frank standing behind her. Peter looked up and smiled when he saw the new arrival.

"Ah, Matthew's Childe. Please sit down with us. Do you see what your GrandSire is doing? Do you know...."

Peter paused for effect. "Last night was the first time he saw his *daughter*. Sara Beth. She will be a valuable tool when the time comes. Right Frank? Because when the times comes I will time them the truth. They will know I am the father...." Sasha tuned out Peter and looked over at Frank and saw that he wasn't feeling very good.

"Are you alright?"

"I went through the Frenzy last night, Sasha. I am feeling better now."

Frank peered over at Peter. "How do you know about Sara Beth?"

Peter crossed his arms and grinned like a chesire cat. "I was there of course. You all were so distracted that you didn't see me."

Sasha draped a arm over Frank's chair and whispered in his ear. He leaned forward and smelled the fresh blood on her breath.

"It sucks, doesn't it?"

"What sucks?"

"What has happened to us, Frank. We had no choice in this. We were attacked when we thought we were safe. But I like what I am now. I hope in time you will too come to accept who you are."

A low growl erupted from her throat. "I don't like that Gangrel whore. She makes me sick. She wants Cash, I know she does and I will not stand for it!"

The music stopped and Concrete Blond came on with "Rain" and Kamala looked over his shoulder to see the rest of the club. Then suddenly she froze. Cameron felt her go stiff in his arms. "What's wrong?" "It's him. I will never forget that face. He's the one who told me you died!"



She pointed at Peter. Cameron felt the anger slipping over him but couldn't do anything here with humans around.

Peter sensed this and laughed. "You can't touch me here, pretty boy!"

Cameron was the only one who heard this and he started to walk across the room forgetting his promise.

"No, Cameron! Stop! Please look at me. Don't let him do that to you." They turned and walked back to the dance floor and continued to slow dance. One of the dancers thrashed by and knocked into the happy couple.

"Watch it!" Cameron growled.


"What's wrong, Kamala?"

She looked down at her finger. There was a tiny bead of blood welling up to the surface.

"He must of pricked me with one of those pins in his leather jacket as he walked by."

Cameron lifted her hand gently up and put the finger in his mouth and for the first time tasted her blood. She was shocked seeing him do this and yelped when she felt his teeth graze the tip of her finger. They seemed sharper now.

"I'm sorry, my love, I didn't mean to hurt you. Mmmmm you sure do taste good."

Cameron was relieved when Kamala laughed. She laid a hand on his cheek.

"I remember when you had those *chubby cheeks* in high school and how much of a man you are now. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want us to go old together." Cameron heart felt heavy as she said those last words. He knew that he would never grow old with her. He crushed her to his body and didn't want to let go.

Julian turned to speak to Lillie and realized that she had left. Her Childe Ashley was now standing next to him.

Julian yelled over the music to Ashley. "Where did she go?"

"I don't know, Julian. She left with some guy."

Julian knew in his heart it was Alexander. He had to go and find them. Ashley grabbed Julian's jacket sleeve and growled. Julian followed the young Toreador's glance across the smoky club and wondered what was going on.

"Do you like that young man sitting over there, Ashley? He's new here to the Haven tonight. But I heard his name is...."

"It's Daniel...." Ashley finished for Julian. "I've been watching him for some time. I...I...umm...I think I am falling in love with him."

Julian and Ashley watched as a group of men and women came to stand beside Daniel. Another growl came from Ashley and the leader of the group sat beside Daniel.

"What is it?"

Ashley let a snort of contempt. "It's the Sabbat. I wish they would leave Daniel alone."

The leader, Tomas, leaned down and whispered something in Daniel's ear. He then kissed his cheek and moved to kiss his mouth.

"Leave him alone, Tomas!"

Tomas looked up at the Childe's words and grinned. Ashley noticed that Tomas had the eyes of a serpent and the face of an angel. Ashley noticed Daniel telling them to leave him alone and then suddenly got up and ran out into the night. The group laughed and started to follow them.

Ashley got up. "I'm going after him. They will tear him apart or worse Embrace him. I am going to make sure that both never happen."

Ashley ran off.

"Be careful and don't be foolish." Julian yelled to him over the noise.

But the music drowned out Julian's words and he started to prepare to leave and find Lillie. He turned and was surprised to see Cameron and Kamala at the bar.

"Hello Julian. This is Kamala. Kamala, um, this is my...friend...Julian Luna."

A scream suddenly rang out into the darkness. The trio at the bar could see the gun sliding out from the jacket of the stranger. The gun aimed directly at Julian and Cameron.

Shots rang out. Sasha screamed and ran over to Julian. "No, Uncle Julian, NO!"

Cameron pushed Kamala to the floor to protect her and tried to push Sasha and Julian to safety.

Too late.

There was mass confusion as the dancers ran out of the club and other stayed as they were too stunned to move. As the doors opened the Kindred in the club realized the daybreak was coming soon. The first hints of sunlight came into the room and more screams rose out.

"Close the door! Close the damn door now!"

"Cameron...what's going on?" Kamala asked as loud as she could.

But there was no answer. She reached toward him and felt his hand.

Felt his ring.

Felt the blood.

His blood?

The doors closed all the way and the lights in the Haven turned off and plunged the room into darkness. All was quiet.

She could not see anything but heard voices.

She heard Julian's voice. "Oh, god, no! Sasha wake up!"

He lifted the unconscious Brujah woman into his arms and felt the blood seep onto his jacket. Cash ran over and brushed away the mass of curly hair and gently stroked her cheek. He could feel the gunshot wounds and the blistered skin where the sun had touched it. Ignoring his own pain he put his her head on his lap.


Kamala heard Cameron groan and try to get up and then fall back down in a heap of pain. Then he was silent. She tried to get up but pain radiated on her leg and crawled to where she last heard him groan. She cried out as the broken glass cut into her legs and stomach and continued on. She finally reached where he moved too and touched his skin. Too cool. She pulled him up close to her legs and called out his name.



She felt him stir in her arms. He felt weak. So weak. She felt the blood rushing out between her fingers and didn't even think when she raised her fingers to her face. They slipped and some of the blood went into her mouth. She felt sick for a moment and then it passed.

"Kamala?" Cameron's voice called out in a ragged whisper. "Is everyone okay?" "I don't think so...."

It was silent for a moment and then she tried to speak to Cameron again but he didn't answer. She started to shiver and then felt teeth on her arm and tried to get away. She screamed as the person came closer. "Stay away from her if you value your life, Peter."

Cameron's words were very effective. She felt Peter move back into the shadows. Cameron was silent again. Kamala pulled Cameron closer to her body as she sat in the darkness of the club with her lover and stangers.

As she sat being the only mortal among the Kindred in this room...

Midnight Seduction

By Kimberly Bliss

Part Six

He watched from over across the street and let out a laught of triumph.

His plan was working out much better than he thought it would. And this was only the beginning. Alexander looked over at Elena and cupped her chin in his hand.

"You did real good in there, my precious ghoul. You are to be rewarded. You can keep the jacket and the gun."

Elena smiled and moved closer to her master.

"You didn't know I was Kindred, did you? Zane was Kindred too. He was Toreador. I am Gangrel but different from my Clan. I prefer to drink from humans and Kindred alike. I like to make people suffer, Elena. The Prince would kill me if he knew my actions. But I don't care. Do you?"

The ghoul stepped up beside him and nodded her head. "I don't give a damn either."

"Thats my girl!"

Alexander put a arm around her shoulder. "Cameron provided the first of the dreams. I helped with the rest. He just didn't know that is all. I made hers full of pain and heartbreak. She didn't come tonight but let's pay a visit to her and teach Caitlyn a lesson. Then I will Embrace Lillie or kill her."

They stepped back into the shadows toward their destination.

Cash closed his eyes and tried to blot out the pain. He rested his forehead on Sasha's cheek.

A weak voice pierced the silene. "Cash? Uncle Julian?"

Cash looked up into Sasha's confused face. He pulled her gently closer to his body. Closer to his wrist.

"You've been hurt badly, my brave Sasha. You need to feed."

In the darkness Sasha watched as Cash took a nail to his wrist and felt the blood fill her mouth. The pain slowly started to drift away. As she drank, Cash ran his fingers gently through her blood soaked hair. The lights came on suddenly and a gasp came over from the other side of Julian.

"Oh my god! What is going on here?"

Cameron heard Kamala's shocked voice breaking through his fog and opened his eyes. He could see Sasha feeding from Cash. He looked up at Kamala's pale face and wished he could take her away from all this.

Kamala looked down at Cameron. "She is...is...drinking *blood* from his wrist. And your...your...heart is not beating!"

Julian moved over to Kamala's side. "We've all got to get out of here. We have to make sure everybody is okay first."

The side door slammed open and Sonny stepped into the room.

"Julian!" Sonny ran over to tend to his Sire.

Sonny helped Julian and the others out to his van. He walked over and held out a hand to Kamala.

"No! Plese help him first."

Sonny bent down and put Cameron's arm over his steady shoulder. The Brujah Primogen looked into Sonny's eyes.

"Thank you, Sonny." Sonny nodded his head and helped Kamala up. Sonny saw the look of concern and the look of love in Cameron's eyes as she groaned in pain.

I'll be damned, Sonny thought to himself.

Cameron bit his lip and stopped walking for a moment. Sonny and Kamala stopped for him.

Sonny noticed that Cameron's leg shaped in a odd angle. He had broken his leg but it was healing rapidly. So was the gunshot wound on his left shoulder.

The trio walked out of the Haven and closed the door behind them. Kamala was worried about Cameron and wondered what was going on. The words vampires ran through her mind but she didn't believe in those legends. She was too scared to believe.

Caitlyn stepped up to her window and gazed out into the beautiful sunny day it was becoming. She had called in earlier to work and decided to take the day off. She debated with herself whether to meet Cameron or not. The not won out as sleep set in. She put down her cup of tea and stepped out of the room. She heard a knock at the window. At the window she was just at. She went back and pulled the curtain aside. Nobody there. But her heart was thumping wildly when she realized the door beside the window was open. She felt rough hands pulling back towards her bed. She tried to look up into her attackers face.

"No, no, Caitlyn. You will see our faces soon enough."

But Cailtyn did see a reflection of a man in the mirror and a woman behind him. She screamed as she felt rough hands clasp over her mouth.

"Remember me from the dreams? It's too bad that Cameron didn't show up last night. It's also too bad that you decided to be a no show to your own party. That's okay we can party here, can't we?"

Cailtyn struggled in his arms and he yanked her down to sit on the bed with him.

"Don't fight me on this Caitlyn. I hve a couple of lessons for you to learn today. They are that good people are born to suffer and that just because it is daylight does not mean you are safe. They is much danger and terror in sunlight than from the shadows of the night."

Caitlyn looked up into Alexander's eyes. "I was going to Embrace my dear brother Zane. You knew Zane? Of course you did. I read the article you wrote about him in the paper. Very well written indeed, my dear. I am going to find out who Embraced him."

Alexander moved his lips on Caitlyn's neck and then spoke in a whisper. "Maybe someday I will give you the gift of the Embrace. Or make you one of my ghouls like Elena. Or maybe I will drain you dry and leave you out for the birds!"

Alexander let out a laugh that echoed through the room. Elena's joined his and Caitlyn wished she could shut out the horrible sound.

Just as it begun it stopped. Alexander yanked Caitlyn's head and made her look into his eyes.

His mad eyes. "It's party time!"


Cameron limped out of the bedroom and shut the door. Julian walked over along with Sonny.

"She's asleep. She has seen too much. I feared that she would not be able to sleep but I tended to her wounds. I just wish I could stop the nightmares that I know will happen..."

Cameron stopped his words and grit his teeth in pain. Julian rested a hand on Cameron's shoulder.

"Sit and relax. You have to heal and to...feed."

Julian bit into his wrist and offered it to Cameron. He shook his head.

"I can't do it Julian. I just can't. I can't do anything anymore. I am worried about Kamala and my daughter. I know Verna is still watching her but I feel a nagging voice in the back of my mind telling me not to relax for one minute."

But the Hunger overwhlemed Cameron and he took Julian's wrist into his mouth and drank. For a moment they forgot they were enemies. They felt a bond. A uneasy bond at that but a least a bond. Cameron pulled Julian down with him to his knees and pulled him in close. So intimate....so....

Daedulus ran into the room and stared at the trio of men.

"Julian! You have to come now!"

Julian and Cameron looked over at the Nosferatu Primogen. Julian had never seen his friend look so frightened.

"It's Caitlyn, Julian. She's...she's in the hospital. I just got word from a Ventrue childe who works there. She not too good, Julian..."

Julian stood up and ran out into the room. He didn't even bother to take the car.

He ran out into the starry night. Filled with pain and agony.