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Disclaimer: The pictures from 'Soldier Boyz' are the property of Motion Picture Corporation of America. The publicity photos from 'Kindred, the Embraced' are the property of Spelling Productions/Fox Inc. and Revolution Films. The screen captures from Buffy are the property of Twentieth Century Fox. The screen capture from Bio-Dome is the property of MGM/UA. The screen capture from Boogie Nights is the property of New Line Cinema. The screen capture from Can't Hardly Wait is the property of Tall Tree Productions. The screen capture from The Pretender is the property of MTW Enterprises & NBC Studios. The photo from Persons Unknown is the property of Promark Entertainment Group. The photo from [Girl] is the property of XXX. The photo from 'Mi Amigos' is the property of Azaleafilm. I am not trying to infringe on these rights. The purpose of this and connected sites is to promote the work of actor Channon Roe. I do not make any money from these pictures. A heartfelt thanks to Bev Freed, who helped me get hold of the majority of the pictures below.

Bev Freed's Channon Roe Picture Essay, which contains many of these pictures, can be found here!

Soldier Boyz
Channon plays the redneck Brophy
A group of young prison inmates are offered a chance of being released early. But first they must learn to work together as a group in order to survive a mission to save a young girl from her South American kidnappers.
This movie will not appeal to all audiences, but it does allow a small sample of Channon's acting range.

Kindred, the Embraced
Channon plays Cash, the tough, new Primogen of the Gangrel Clan.
An eight episode mini-series about modern day vampires living in San Francisco. Based on the RPG 'Vampire, the Masquerade' the story splits the vampires into Clans and tells of their fights for power and protecting their secret from humans.
This series will appeal to audiences interested in the RPG itself and to those interested in vampires in general.
As leader of the wild-spirited Gangrel Clan Cash also has the responsibility of guarding the Prince of the City. Especially from the threat posed by the violent Brujah Clan.
Cash' duty to his Prince is made harder when he falls in love with the Prince's human great-great-granddaughter Sasha Luna. Nor does it become any easier when Sasha is forcefully Embraced by Cash' arch enemies.

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Episode:"The Zeppo"
Channon plays Jack O'Toole.
Feeling left out Zander makes friends with the school bully, but something is not quite right about Jack.
This series is primarily made for a teenage audience, but has gathered a large adult following as well. Appeals to all vampire lovers and haters.

Channon plays Roach.
Boogie Nights
Channon plays a surfer.
Can't Hardly Wait
Channon plays 'Jock #1'.
The Pretender
Channon plays Pat Rush.
A parolee is forced back into a life of crime by his parole officer.
Persons Unknown
Channon plays Lewis.
Channon plays...

Mi Amigos
Channon plays the young Bobby Ray Burns.

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