The Brigid Conley Walsh Gallery

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As Donna a pregnant cashier girl on Dharma & Greg (Episodes 'Ringing up baby' and 'Turn, turn, turn'.).

As Poppy Bowen an innocent young girl, who becomes a pawn in a devillish scheme in American Gothic (Episode 'Damned if you don't').

As Athena a young princess who is kidnapped and enslaved in The Quest of the Delta Knights.

As Erin in Sliders (Episode 'Murder most foul').

As Molly Pichon in Man in the Iron Mask (not the version with DeCaprio).

As Sasha Luna a troubled teenager, who is made a vampire against her will in Kindred, the Embraced.

As Tuatha an evil witch in Charmed (Episode 'That Old Black Magic').

As Ida Glenshaw a husband-hunting socialite with a jealous streak a mile wide in Louisa May Alcott's 'The Inheritance'.

As Tammy Felton/Melissa Marlowe in CSI (Episode 'Face Lift').

As Maggie a young woman in search of her identity in The Fair.

As Virginia Bryce a socialite in need of protection in Angel (A small recurring role).

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Last modified : 2 November 2000